In case you are still looking for some Halloween treats I compiled the best recipes I shared with you on the blog the last couple of years for you! Have fun!... read more
As already demonstrated on my social media channels I've undergone a juice cleanse the last three days. The reason for doing that is my our upcoming wedding. I already did a juice cleanse in October and already knew I wanted to redo it shortly before the actual wedding. I even did it one more day th ...... read more
The ones of you who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat already saw that I did a Juice Cleanse last week. I chose juices from Urban Monkey which are available on and I felt like a totally different perso ...... read more
Clean Eating, Detox, Juicing and many other new words came up this year with regards to healthy eating. I tried a lot and today I would like to talk about Teatox! A friend of mine told me she did a tea tox and therefore drank a tea in the morning and at night and I ...... read more
Due to the fact that I spent my semester abroad in California and we celebrated Halloween in Las Vegas I saw how cool Halloween is in the USA. Even though Halloween isn't such a big thing in Austria I still love to host a little Halloween party and therefore you ne ...... read more