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Urban Monkey Wedding Juice Cleanse

As already demonstrated on my social media channels I've undergone a juice cleanse the last three days. The reason for doing that is my our upcoming wedding. I already did a juice cleanse in October and already knew I wanted to redo it shortly before the actual wedding. I even did it one more day this time and it was easier than I thought. 

The Detox-Box from Urban Monkey (available on lieferei.at) contains six juices per day which really fill you up and you're not as hungry as you might think. My favorite juice is Six & the City with pomegranate, apple and coconut water!

I lost 3 kilo in these three days and got a really flat stomach - perfect for the big day! I didn't only do it for the wedding day itself but also for our honeymoon in Italy! I'm really happy with the outcome and I feel energized and ready to go for our big day. 

If you're also thinking about doing a juice detox I have a little surprise for you! With the code "elastyle10" you get 10€ discount on all purchases on lieferei.at - I wish you a lot of endurance and a lot of fun with your new bikini shape!

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