Christmas ist just around the corner and I wanted to do something good. We all have more than we need and there are hardly any things we could still wish for since we are very privileged in Europe. However there are people living next door to everyone of us that need our help. A couple of weeks ago ...... read more
Since I'm quite a creative person I could spend hours on DIYs and writing. When I was young I was collecting pens, erasers and cards. Thank god the eraser thing is over now but I have tons of pens and I can't leave a paper store without at least five new cards. For years I would love to learn how to ...... read more
Our house warming party took place at the weekend and we had an amazing evening with our friends. We had great food (chilli from my future mother in law and chocolate fountain!!!), some great bottles of wine and a lot of fun. Finally, my friends from home met my fr ...... read more
About two weeks ago we threw our beloved friend a baby shower (find the pictures of it here). I really wanted to have a garland so that the table looks a bit more festive but when I saw the prices ...... read more