Now it's time for boots, thick knit pullover and transitional vests. I love fall and since it was snowing so nicely this past weekend I'm now more than ready for winter. And as the saying goes: there is no bad weather, only bad clothes! Therefore I ordered four pair of boots which I can pick up at t ...... read more
Since I started my #30Days30Minutes Challenge shopping makes much more fun because I lost quite some weight. I guess this month I shopped more than in the last twelve months. At the mo ...... read more
The last Weekly Insta Wardrobe post was published quite a while ago but finally I had found some outfits to show you. At the moment I'm really into black! People say that brown will be the new black which might be the case for cars but in fashion black will always ...... read more
Since I was on holiday last week, this week was quite intense: a huge amount of laundry was waiting for me, the garden needed some attention and at work there were more than 200 mails waiting for me. Due to all of this it was quite hard to find some time for the blog. The best thing is that we're go ...... read more
There has been no #WIW outfit picture of me being barefoot in the past but with our new terrace that changed because I love to walk there without any shoes on. Even though the weather won't be as nice at the weekend I'm still looking forward to the wedding of my maid of honor, the baby bump shooting ...... read more
A long weekend is ahead of us and I'm really looking forward to it because they said it should have around 18°C which means take off your boots and get out your sneakers! This week wasn't an easy one to get dressed for the day because in the mornings it was a ...... read more