It isn't easy to find the right boots. This year I wanted to have really clean and pretty lace up boots like the ones from Jil Sander Navy. Then I found read more
There is nothing cooler than well fitted jeans - also ripped ones! After loosing almost 9 kilo most of my jeans don't fit anymore which was reason enough to go shopping. I love these cool ripped jeans from Frame with the knee high cuts but since I want to loose some more weight I didn't wanna spend ...... read more
I was looking for the perfect brooch for a very long time. I fell in love with the pearl Chanel brooch which you saw on every girl the other season but for more than 400€ I thought there must be an alternative version. I also love this read more
Already last year I was looking for a plan, beige coat but I just didn't found one that felt right for me. Of course there are these amazing coats (with 1.000€ price tags) made of wool and cashmere like this coat from read more
A couple of weeks ago I found the perfect espadrilles. Completely made out of leather which is really important to me these days because they are way comfier than cheap shoes. Even though they are black these read more
Before I left for Fashion Week I wanted to get some stylish tops which I could pair with trousers since it is very practical if you have to work. I love dresses but you have to carry everything in your hands if you don't have pockets. Therefore my new top from COS saved my life since I could wear it ...... read more