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Longing vs. Saving

Longing vs. Saving

Already last year I was looking for a plan, beige coat but I just didn't found one that felt right for me. Of course there are these amazing coats (with 1.000€ price tags) made of wool and cashmere like this coat from Acne Studios but do you really want to spend that much money on a thin wool coat? I rather get myself one or two bags for that amount of money. Last weekend though we were strolling through Zara Kids with my baby niece Clara and I just had a quick look at the new women's section and there it was: this amazing beige wool coat I was looking for. I didn't even check the price tag and went straight to the cash desk. I love the wide cut so it's easy to wear a thick knit pullover underneath when it gets cold. Perfect for layering!

What is your price limit for coats like that?


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