Finally Spring! Finally I can wear my nails again in pink, white, baby blue, peach and turqoise. Since my nails are never without any polish I have quite the collection - of course you can't wear the same color all the time! I always choose the color according to t ...... read more

Inspired by Lena Hoschek's show at Berlin Fashion Week I created this nail style with my beloved polka dots. I have to admit that I don't own many pieces with polka dots on but I truly love polka dots on accessories and especially on my nails. I already did a couple of nail tutorials w ...... read more

When I’m at work, sitting in front of a computer the whole day, I mostly prefer glasses over contact lenses. When I have my glasses on I’m not wearing a lot of jewellery that’s near my face because I want to avoid looking like a Christmas tree. Usually I then go for some laye ...... read more

I love good looking, pampered and polished feet. I’m wearing nail polish all year round, because I couldn’t live without that splash of color on my toes. Due to the fact that my sister is a beautician I’m totally spoiled because I get a pedicure whenever I’m home.  ...... read more

I really love the white and gold combo when it comes to manicure. After having done this manicure several times, I was looking for something new. I already tried to do ombre-like nails before bu ...... read more

The new french manicure is here! I love this fun way of playing with the classic french manicure. It is very easy to do: First, apply one coat of white nail polish across the top of your nail. Then, use a needle to dab little dots underneath the white line you've just created before. Finis ...... read more