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Childhood Dreams

When I was about four years old I had some funny visions for my future. My biggest dream was to own a camper and a horse (maybe because my best friend back then had the Barbie camper and horse which I haven't had). The reactions to my idea was often the same: well, looks like you need to find a rich man (as if a woman herself wouldn't be able to finance her own dreams). Still, 25 years later, I hear women saying these things to little girls when they talk about their dreams and I think it's a shame that those little girls think life works that way. How are we ever gonna change this world (#metoo campaign) if this is what women think. 

I think it is very important to believe in yourself, study hard, stay motivated and be passionate about every project you're planning to realize. If I'll ever have a daughter myself I'll teach her to be strong, independant and make sure she knows that she can do anything she wants and that she herself is the key for her own success story! 

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