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Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

I would say that there is nothing better than homemade jam. My grandmother used to make all different sorts of jam but now she is 94 years old and can't do it anymore. Therefore I thought I should start doing it and it is so easy!

The most important thing are great fruits. They have to be aromatic and mellow. If you have great fruits you can reduce the sugar. I've used the 2:1 sugar from Wiener Zucker where you take 1kg fruits and only 1/2kg sugar.

All you have to do is to wash the strawberries, blend them in a mixer, add sugar and some lemon - for the color - and cook for 5 min while stiring all the time. Then you fill the hot jam into glasses and overturn them for a couple of hours. That's it!

Which jam is your favorite?


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