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Homemade Chocolate

Homemade Chocolate

Since I love sweets and a day without chocolate is really seldom, I'm always on the search for the ultimate chocolate experience. Making homemade chocolate? I never really thought about it because I also never know where to get all the ingredients. With the sets from Chocqlate it's super easy to make your own chocolate and in 20 min it's all done. You can spice it up with various things like fruits, nuts or whatever you prefer. 

Making your own chocolate is not just easy but also quite healthy. There is no sugar in this chocolate and the amount of cocoa is pretty high, which makes the chocolate quite dark. I also love the idea that there is no big player behind the whole thing but a small company based in Munich - which fits to my post "Let's Get Local". 

Did you also try to make you own chocolate? How did it work?

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