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  I already got three Christmas presents *woop* *woop* however I'm still looking for something nice for my Mr. Therefore I was browsing through the internet and found these pretty little things which would make great presents I think. Especially the red backpack is something I would like to ste... read more
  It's Mother's Day in Austria next Sunday and for everyone who is still looking for the perfect gift I've compiled the best gift ideas. Most of the time I get my mum a bouquet of flowers and a little something. This year I feel she deserves even more because she's helping us a lot with all the... read more
  One event is chasing the other! After my Birthday yesterday we are now approaching our anniversary next week on Valentine's Day. My Mr. and I usually don't give each other crazy presents for our anniversary but it is always nice to get a little something. In case you still need something for... read more
  I have to confess that I bought my last present only today - which is still early enought to get it delivered before Christmas since many shops guarantee delivery before Christmas until tomorrow or even Wednesday. Since I promised to make another Holiday Gift Guide for men I looked up some nic... read more