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Especially during winter time it is very important to care for your hair and that's why I would like to show you my favorite hair products today. My hair is quite easy going - they are quite thick and even when they are not blow dried they are quite straight - so I don't have to do a lot to get them... read more
Yesterday was the day! I did chop my hair off! I already thought about it the last couple weeks because I was so over my long hair. The summer is coming (I hope... Sometime soon, p... read more
In case someone was wondering how I did my hair for Tsvete’s wedding, here’s a little tutorial: ... read more
It was time for a little makeover. I have wanted to have shorter and darker hair for quite a while now but I have never been brave enough to go for it. Now with a new season starting, full of new trends in the big fashion cities I thought it was also time for something new in my world. I’m ... read more
After doing my post ‘Ball Gown’ I decided to show you how I do my favourite hairstyle for such a fancy event like a ball or a weddding. That’s why I filmed myself doing a braided bun and I hope you will enjoy the video and have fun trying it out. Feel free to comment my videos &... read more
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