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About Me

My name is Michaela Steinlechner, I’m 30 years old and live with my husband Tom near Innsbruck, Austria. I was born and raised in Vorarlberg and also lived in California for 6 months. After finishing my masters in 'Strategic Management – Intercultural Brand Building‘ in 2013, I’m now working as a Social Media Manager for a well-known jewelry manufacturer. I'm addicted to fashion and anything beautiful. In spring 2012 I came up with the idea of creating a space where I can share all the things I love. I initially made an Instagram account first where I posted daily outfits and beauty tips. At the end of 2012 I created elastyle with the support of my husband who’s a professional photographer. Since then I document all the little things I love in life like great outfits, beauty tips, decoration ideas and also DIY projects.
Meet Michaela