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When it was still Spring (meaning last week!) and the sun was beaming from the sky, my white jeans celebrated it's first appearance after a long time! But not only Spring but also the fact that I reached my -6kg lent goal made me beam in this outfit. I also fell in love with lipstick again and I'm w... read more
Since I'm quite a creative person I could spend hours on DIYs and writing. When I was young I was collecting pens, erasers and cards. Thank god the eraser thing is over now but I have tons of pens and I can't leave a paper store without at least five new cards. For years I would love to learn how to... read more
Since I'm the biggest pineapple fan these batches were the best buy ever! Also you can never go wrong with ice cream and hearts either so they're the perfect match. I really love batches in combination with a denim jacket and finally it's warm enough to wear that. Combined with a long cardigan it's... read more
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